What Happens If You Get near a Black Hole?


When you get near a black hole, the gravitational pull will draw you towards it. However, this depends on the size of the hole. The larger the hole, the stronger the pull and vice versa. The same phenomenon applyies to the ocean tides due to the effect of moon's gravitational pull.
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When you get near a black hole the exact effects depend on the size and mass of the black hole. A "stellar-mass" black hole - a black hole that's a few times the mass of
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Black holes are areas in space where gravity is very strong. It's so strong that it pulls in everything around it. Not even light can escape. Einstein did not believe in black holes
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You will not be able to see anything as the black hole absorbs light and if you fall into the black hole, then you would be stretched and squeezed into a spaghetti until you get broken down into small bits.
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