What Happens If You Swallow a Tongue Ring?


Once you swallow a tongue ring, you should go to a gastroenterologist immediately. The doctor will determine the location of the ring through an x-ray and then decide on the best removal procedure.
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If the tongue ring clears your wind pipe, allowing you to breathe, it will pass through your intestines and stomach as normal food would. However, you body will not be able to digest
More than likely it will just be expelled from your body as long as its
It will eventually come out .in the tollet. If its a cool one you wanna keep then look for it, you know after you go poop. If its not cool like that then no worries buy another. But
I guess you are going shopping for a new plastic ball, no harm done. Unless you still have your appendix then you may get it back some time in the future.
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What Happens If You Swallow a Tongue Ring?
If you have recently swallowed your tongue ring, stay calm. Many people have swallowed odd objects and been perfectly fine. Stressing yourself about it will only place additional trauma on your digestive system.... More »
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Tongue piercing is a form of body piercing done through the center of the tongue. If your tongue is too short to pierce, this may not be such a big issue though ...
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