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The ancient Greeks met every four years on the plains of Olympia. The concept of the Olympic truce held that even wars would be stopped to host the Games. The four-year intervals
The oranges are growing. Make sure they have plenty of water and fertilizer over the summer so that you will have nice, juicy oranges.
On May 17, 2012, disco legend Donna Summer died at age 63, reportedly after a battle
In the upper Midwest US, where I live, it's only 61 degrees! We've had a very cool and wet spring which is morphing into a cool and wet summer.
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Some of the things that happen in the summer include; fruit picking, swimming, travelling and gardening. Summer is a favourable season where people dress in light clothing's and they can enjoy the sunsets by taking pictures.
During summer the sun shines directly on one half of the world making the season the hottest of the four. During summer, the months of July and August are the hottest. During this time, most schools are closed and many people take vacations off busy work schedules.
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The Pullman Strike happened because there was a reduction of wages, and the employees were protesting it. The Pullman Strike occurred in the summer of 1894. The ...
When the gradients of surface temperature are weak, the upper air winds are fastest. This generally happens during winters. In summers, the gradients of the surface ...
Droughts are one of the most devastating natural occurrences. This is because droughts usually happen during the summer and fall, which is prime growing season ...
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