What Happens to Undeliverable USPS Mail?


Undeliverable mail provides no valid recipient address and return address. The United States Postal Service always attempts to forward new mail first, and they will open letters or packages if necessary to attempt to locate an appropriate recipient. Items that are worth any significant money are sometimes sold on eBay. Items worth less than $10 are simply discarded after so long.
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What Happens to Undeliverable USPS Mail?
The United States Postal Service means it when it says neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night will stop it from delivering mail. But this assumes the mail has a legible address on it and that the person or business that’s supposed to receive it... More »
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Typically, when mail is undeliverable, USPS tries to return it to the sender. There are some exceptions, such as if the sender requests abandonment of the item if it can't be delivered. If it can't be delivered or returned, USPS moves the mail to one of its dead mail centers. Workers then open and sort the items in an attempt to find information that could provide a way to deliver the item. Anything less than $10 in value generally gets discarded, but if an item is worth more, USPS auctions or sells it.
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