What Happens to Water When It Freezes?


When the liquid water freezes it turns into a solid called ice. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. When ice is taken into a warmer temperature it then begins to melt.
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As water freezes into ice, the molecules become frozen in place and begin to arrange themselves in a rigid lattice structure. This structure causes the water to expand and become less dense.
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When water freezes, the molecules slow down and assume a fixed position, although not quite in the way that one might think. Water is made of molecules with two ...
The volume of water will expand when the water freezes. One experiment you can do to test this is to put water in a water bottle and freeze it. You will see the ...
When air containing water vapor rises, evaporation is occurring. Water cannot stay on a surface for long, it will either evaporate or freeze. If the atmosphere ...
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