What Happens When a Torque Converter Goes Bad?


When a torque converter goes bad, it cannot energize the drive axle as effectively. You will notice an unusual shrieking noise, the car acting sluggish, or chugging along when accelerating. In some cases, the RPMs rise very high before the car will shift gears, or drop three to four miles per gallon in fuel economy. These symptoms can often be confused with transmission failure, and should have the expertise of a licenced automotive technician to help you figure out if the problem truly lies within the torque converter.
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What Happens When a Torque Converter Goes Bad?
To understand what happens to a torque converter, it is important to understand the operation. The torque converter is bolted directly to the flexplate on the back of the engine. The flexplate is bolted to the rear of the crankshaft. The splined end of... More »
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