What Happens When the Person Who Became Your Life Forgets All about You?


As difficult and painful as it may be when the person who became your life forgets about you, it's time to re-evaluate your life. Surround yourself with your loved ones such as friends and family. Don't keep your feelings bottled up inside, feel free to let it all out, you will feel so much better afterwards! Go out and meet new people, try out a new hobby, go on a vacation, take time to pamper and spoil yourself rotten. Avoid drowning yourself in alcohol, or eating your sorrows away, that won't help at all. Just do your best to keep a positive attitude and trust me in no time you will get over that person!
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aww, hun, i'm soo srry 2 hear th@! it does take time 2 get over sumthing like this, but just give him time 4 now, and ull no wen the time comes 2 say sumthing if @ all. just understand
Well, the first motivation was the times in my own life when a loss or a change overwhelmed me so much that it caused me to re-evaluate who I was, what I wanted, where my life was
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