What Happens When We Burn Magnesium Metal?


When magnesium metal is burnt, it oxidizes or rather reacts with oxygen producing a white light, this results into formation of a compound, magnesium oxide, which is smelly and white in colour. At room temperatures, magnesium metal combines with air to form a thin skin of magnesium oxide. Magnesium is a group two metals with an atomic number of twelve and oxidation number +2.
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Simple a white powder is formed as a reaction to atmospheric oxygen. 2Mg+O2-2MgO.
I can't take the time answer all of your questions...But when you drop a little magnesium in water it "burns." Its a bit bright, smokes, and almost skids around on the surface
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Since oxygen supports combustion, the Mg will burn even brighter and hotter, and the glowing splint will burst back into flame. Since neither nitrogen nor hydrogen support combustion
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When elemental magnesium burns in air, it combines with oxygen to form an ionic compound called magnesium oxide or MgO. The magnesium can also combine with nitrogen to form magnesium nitride, Mg3N2, and can react with carbon dioxide as well. The reaction... More »
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When you burn magnesium, it combines with oxygen in air to form an ionic compound known as magnesium oxide (MgO). Burning magnesium can however be dangerous because it is a high-heat reaction. It is important to note that using a carbon dioxide or water fire extinguisher on a magnesium fire will only make it worse.
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