What Insects Does Sevin Dust Kill?


Seven Dust kills more than 100 different types of insects like beetle, maggot, bugs, millipedes, ants, and ticks. Seven Dust is an insecticide known to be safe and environment friendly. Its active ingredient is Carbaryl.    
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1. Go to your local garden store and purchase Sevin dust. The product should contain 5 percent or less of Sevin dust. 2. Wear rubber gloves before handling the product. Sevin comes
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Sevin dust actually kills just about any insect. It is very lethal but also quite effective in the control of any pest. The problem with the use of this product is that it also kills
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Sevin dust is a popular insecticide that kills more than 100 insects, depending on the product form. The specific controlled by the form of Sevin you are using will be listed on the product label.
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Yes, Seven Dust will kill fleas. It can be sprinkled on floors, the yard and pets to help get rid of fleas. ...
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