What Insects Eat Grass?


There are many insects that eat grass, including crickets,
beetles, grasshoppers, and caterpillars. Some of the lesser known insects that eat grass are the armyworm, chinch bugs, and white grub worm.
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Grass hoppers are one insect.
Found throughout most of the United States, the adult chinch bug is 1/8 to 1/5 inch long and has a black body with wings that are marked in white. When the wings are at rest, a black
Grasshoppers eat grass! Grasshopper have an appearance of Brown, with some darker
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Some insects that eat grass are grass hoppers, locusts, some butterflies, crickets, ants, lady beetles, dragonflies, some other flies and some beetles.
Some insects that eat grass are grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, and worms. However, most of these insects won't ruin your yard like cinch bugs will.
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