What Inspired Gary Paulsen to Write?


In an interview with writer Gaul Paulsen, although he was not sure how he became inspired to write, he revealed how he started to like reading. When he was 13, a public librarian persuaded him to read after flunking all his subjects in the 9th grade. From then on he loved to read. But it was only when he was 26 years old when he started writing.
Q&A Related to "What Inspired Gary Paulsen to Write?"
He was inspired to write because he developed an intrest in riting at an early age and liked the taste of adventure.
These are some questions he was asked that might help. Are your stories true or based on true events? I've just written a nonfiction book, Guts, The True Stories Behind Hatchet and
Gary Paulsen writes juvenile fiction novels, most of which are adventure type.
The Tent (2011) ( pre-production ) (novel) Snow Dogs (2002) (book "Winterdance: the Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod") (suggestion) Nightjohn (1996) (TV) (book) A Cry
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