Roman Numeral for One Million?


1 Million in Roman numerals is M with a bar over it. M is the Roman numeral for 1,000 and a bar over it means that it has been multiplied by 1,000. The horizontal bar can be placed over or under the M.
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The number one million can be represented in two ways in Roman numerals, either by using the numeral M (1000) with a horizontal bar placed above, which means that the numeral should
The Roman numeral for 1,000,000 is CCCI. ChaCha!
1. Write big Roman numbers using an overstrike, or a horizontal line drawn over the letter-numeral. Using the overstrike multiplies the letter-numeral by 1,000. Thus, a V with an
1-150 = i-cl
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Five million in Roman numbers is written as V with a double bar on top of it. That translates to 5*1000*1000 and is equal to 5 million. It can also be written ...
1000000, that is, a million, in Roman numerals is written as 'M'. Roman numerals were the standard numbering system of arithmetic, in Europe and Ancient Rome, ...
MM in Roman numerals means one million. If you break it down M means one thousand. Therefore MM represents one thousand thousand, or one million. When writing ...
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