What Is 100 Meters?


100 meters refers to a track distance on which the shortest sprint competition is held. It is a distance equivalent to a length of 328.08 feet. The reigning world champion in 100 meters is the considered the fastest person on earth, an is currently Usain Bolt.
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100 meters equals 328.084 feet.
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The length of measurement 100 meters is equal to 109.4 yards. For comparison purposes, the length of a football field in the NFL is 100 yards.
1. Get into shape before training for the 100-meter dash. You'll need to be fit before undertaking event-specific training, so allow a month or two before starting to increase your
1 Train. You were probably expecting training to pop up somewhere in this article. The truth is, you can't run a faster 100m without some form of training. How do you train? Well,
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100 Meter Dash Times are the time durations taken by athletes competing in 100 meter competitions. Some of the top times in the event have been set by Usain Bolt ...
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100 meters consists of 328.08 feet. One meter is equal to 3.28 feet, so to calculate meters to feet, simply multiply by 3.28. ...
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