What Is 14k GE Espo?


'14K G.E ESPO' is a term used in the manufacture of rings, containing a gold electrolyte, with 14 karat gold. 'ESPO' is a maker's distinguishing mark or logo that stands for 'Joe Esposito'. Such vintage rings are made of rhinestone.
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Ok What I think that it means is 14KT = 14karat GF=gold filled and ESPO is the maker. Sometimes when marking the piece the letters don't always line up exactly the way that they should
14K diamond rings on Ebay can go for hundreds, depending on the
It is short for "G.E. Esposito, the brand of the ring. The 14k means it is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metal.
The 14k is for 14 karat. Most jewelry is made with alloys that
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