What does 14K GE ESPO mean?


'14K G.E ESPO' is a term used in the manufacture of rings, containing a gold electrolyte, with 14 karat gold. 'ESPO' is a maker's distinguishing mark or logo that stands for 'Joe Esposito'. Such vintage rings are made of rhinestone.
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14 kt GE , means it has a very thin layer of 14kt gold over it (gold eletroplated) ESPO was an Us brand , famous in the 60's and 70's , so it menas the ring has got quite a value
absolutely nothing its made by lind.
This ring is probably a gold electroplate (ge) with 14kt gold. ESPO should stand for the maker's mark of Joe Esposito. If you do a search on line you'll see many items by this designer
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