How Much Is a 1928 One Dollar Silver Certificate Worth?


The face value of a one dollar Silver Certificate is still its official value as currency. But that dollar today is worth far less than it was in 1928. Still, collectors do put a premium of historic U.S. currency, and Silver Certificates are no
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Retail is 5 to 10 dollars depending on how worn it is.
The price can range from $10-$80 depending on the age an wear. The crisper and less marked or ripped, the higher the value. Its a really interesting thing to own.
Tcroxdale- sorry about being so long ,I have been doing study on the information you gave me. The only { julian-Snyder] signatures were used on the 1928 F $ 2.00 bill ,no's 1507 &
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Silver certificate dollars are worth different prices, with some having premium values to the collectors and dealers, depending with the dates and the letters ...
A 1928 silver dollar's worth ranges between £173.79 and £3,103. The coin was made in three cities in the US which included Denver, San Francisco and ...
Your 1928 silver dollar is a "PEACE" dollar. For this year of issue it's very important to see if there is a mintmark (S) on the reverse, it's just above ...
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