What is 2/3 Cups in Oz?


2/3 cups when converted to ounces (oz) is equivalent to approximately 5.566 ounces. There are numerous websites on the internet that can help you determine normal cup measures against ounces, like the 'convert-me.com' website.
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4 cups.
2/3 of a cup is equal to 5.333 fluid ounces, 0.04167 gallons, 0.1667 quarts, 157.7
You are halfway through that devil's food cake recipe, and you cannot find your measuring cup anywhere. You could approximate the 2/3-cup of sour cream that is called for in the icing
It would take 6. 1/3 cup x 3 = 1 cup.
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3 cups is equal to 24 ounces.
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32 oz is equal to 4 cups. You many manually compute by dividing 32 oz to 8 oz per cup and it will give you an answer of four. You may also use a unit converter ...
4 Oz equals 1/2 of a cup. Two 4 Oz servings would equal 1 cup of food. Half of a 4 Oz serving would equal 1/4 cup of food. 4 Oz is the recommended serving portion ...
A 16 ounce box of powdered sugar amounts to three and three quarter cups. The label on the box of sugar will inform the individual of how many cups are in the ...
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