How Bad Is 20 40 Vision?


A 20 40 Vision is the ability to see something while located 20 feet from it, where a normal human being can see that thing standing 40 feet away. It is caused by an eye disorder although normal vision can be rectified by surgery or through use of spectacles. 20 200 is the generally accepted parameter for blindness.
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If you have 20 20 vision that means you can see clear from your right and left eye. Most people do not have 20 20 vision and have to wear glasses.
20/20 is considered the perfect vision. Text ChaCha again!
GCF(40, 20) = 20.
There isn't a direct conversion. A person could have a wide range of Rx's and have 20/40 without glasses, or even have 20/40 vision and not need glasses at all. 20/20 is just a notional
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20/40 vision means that when you are standing 20 feet away from the eye chart, you can see what a normal human can see if they are standing 40 feet away. If you have 20/40 vision and are standing 40 feet away you will not be able to read the whole chart.
20/20 vision is the norm for perfect eyesight. This means that you would be able to read the eye chart perfectly from 20 feet away. 20/40, on the other hand, means that you could read from 20 feet what someone with perfect eyesight could read from 40 feet away.
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