What Is 20 Years of Marriage Called?


The twentieth year of marriage is understood as one of the big milestone anniversaries. It has been given different names depending on the tradition and place, like in modern US it is called Platinum?.
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When choosing gifts for each year of marriage, it's traditional to follow a centuries-old guideline that outlines the type or material of the gift. Originating in the Middle Ages
Leather jackets, boots, shoes and gloves all make classy gifts for a third anniversary. Consider combining the gift of leather clothing with an invitation to go on a date to a fine
In Hebrew, it is called Nisuin. The ceremony itself is called Chuppah or Chatunah.
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Twenty years of marriage is known as a twentieth anniversary. It shows that a couple has been together for two decades. This anniversary requires a gift of china ware; Prince Albert, gave Queen Victoria a set of porcelain jewellery for their twentieth anniversary. To celebrate, one can throw a twenties fancy dress party for friends and family.
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