What Is 2k Paint?


2k paint is a twin pack type of automotive paint that is used to paint cars in production and during repairs in garages. It is a type of paint that replaced the former cellulose automobile paints. The cellulose paint is however still used by non-professional sprayers.
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"2K paint is an epoxy type paint consisting of the base plus a catalyst to start the chemical reaction that the paint needs to cure" This answer above is wrong on 2 major
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i own a shop and hes probably talking about two stage paint ,such as base clear ,that's what all the new cars have on them its a lot easier to paint,and last longer than regular enamel
2K paint is two pack paint, it is a specialist paint that needs special equipment to spray it. It cannot be used by the home mechanic due to cyanide being an ingredient in the hardener
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The mixing ratio for 2k paint is usually 2:1. This simply translates to two parts paint for one part hardener. A 15 % amount of the whole paint is usually mixed ...
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