What Is 2x Times X?


2x times 'X' is 2 and x to the 2nd power, or 2 and 'X' squared. Any number multiplied by itself will be the number squared. So in this particular case, the 'X's in the equation would be multiplied together to give the answer 2-x squared.
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The result of multiplying 2 times 2 is four. To confirm this you just need to take two people and give two objects to each one. After that you can count the objects and you will see
2x times x is equal to 2 x^2, that is, 2 x squared. Want to know a horoscope or the meaning of
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To know what x times x is, you need to know the value of x. First, you can simplify x times x to 2x. You would need a whole equation to solve for x, however. ...
The sentence x is five more than two times x minus three is written as x = 5 + 2x - 3. When solved, the answer to this equation is x = 2 + 2x; -x = 2; x = -2. ...
ok, so if the problem is....... 2(x+4)=12, then what you first do is distribute the 2 to the x, so 2 times x is 2x. now you distribute the 2 to the 4, and 2 times ...
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