What is 3000 square feet to cubic metres?


This is not a valid conversion. Square feet is a measure of area - cubic meters is a measure of volume.
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Conversion from square feet to cubic meters is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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I am pretty sure you either have cubic feet or square feet, you can't have cubic square feet. Cubic feet are measured in three dimensions like a cube, square feet are measured in
As others have pointed out, you cannot convert units of length cubed to units of length squared. That said, it is important to ask "square feet of what?" and if the answer
1. Know the difference between a three-dimensional measurement and a two-dimensional measurement. Square feet are calculated by only taking the flat surface area into account. That's
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It is not hard to convert square feet into cubic into cubic yards. You would fist need to determine the amount of square feet there are by multiplying the length ...
Consider the cubic feet value , divide that value by height in feet to get the square feet value.
If the height is in inches divide that value by 12 ...
You really can't do this conversion. For square feet you measure an object or area in two directions and for cubic you measure it in three so if you need cubic ...
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