What is 300 milliliters in grams?


Because the milliliter is a unit of volume, and grams are a unit of mass, the answer to this question depends on what material one is measuring. For one of the most common materials, water, the conversion is simple. Because 1 milliliter of water equals 1 gram of mass, 300 milliliters of water weighs 300 grams.

The answer becomes more complicated if measuring a volume of a less common liquid. For example, the heaviest liquid at room temperature, mercury, has a mass of 13.6 grams per milliliter. In turn, 300 milliliters of mercury has a mass of 4,080 grams, which is a bit more than the weight of two 2-liter bottles of soda.

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Millimetres are not an equivalent type of unit to grams unless you are measuring water.
Grams are for solids. Mililitres for liquids.
That depends on the liquid. Not all liquids weigh the same.
0.3L x 0.217M = 0.0651moles Mn(NO3)2 present. 0.0651moles x molar mass Mn(NO3)2 = g required.
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Conversion from milliliters to grams is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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