What Is 30ml in Ounces?


30 ml is equivalent to 1.014 fluid ounces. Millilitre is a metric unit of measuring volume that is equivalent to a thousand of a litre while a fluid ounce is a unit of volume capacity equivalent to one twentieth of a pint.
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30ml is equivalent to 1 US fluid ounce (1.014 to be more exact)
The answer is, 29.5735296ml equals 1 ounce. Thanks for doing the ChaCha!
30ml equals 1.014 US. fluid ounces, so you can say that 30ml is equal to one ounce for purposes such as cooking. 30ml also equals 1.056 UK fluid ounces. This is because US fluid ounces
30 milliliters is equivalent to 1.0144206767675845 US fluid ounces. Got any other question?
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30 milliliters is equal to 1.014421 ounces.
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