What is 35 as a fraction?


The number 35 is written as a fraction in many ways, but the simplest way is 35/1. Other examples of 35 as a fraction are 70/2 and 105/3. Any number with a top number larger than the bottom number is called an improper fraction, according to About.com.

The top number of a fraction is the numerator, and the bottom number is the denominator. In a fraction, the numerator is being divided into the number of parts specified by the denominator. In the fraction 35/1, the number 35 is divided into one part, making it simply 35. In the fraction 70/2, seventy is divided into two parts, making it equivalent to 35. A numerator with a denominator of one is equal to the numerator itself.

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35/100, if it is a whole number such as 35 you only need to ad 100. Unless, it is in the hundreds such as 350 it would be: 350/1,000 as a fraction.
Fractions are smaller quantities of a whole number. Some examples of fractions are 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4, and 11/12. Fractions can be used to break down any number. Look here for more
12/35. Can someone answer my question?
935/100 = 187/20.
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