What is 7/8 as a decimal?


7/8 expressed as decimal is 0.875. The value is obtained by diving 7 by 8. In the given fraction, 7 is referred to as the numerator and 8 the denominator.
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8.7. A decimal point (the period in math) says that it's a decimal. A decimal is a fraction of the whole, expressed with the period and means tenths. So the number given is eight
7/8 in decimal form would be 0.875. ChaCha on!
7/8 in decimal form is 0.875. It's the same as 7 divided by 8.
Well, a percent is what something is out of 100, so 8.7% is 8.7/100. When you divide anything by 100, you just move the decimal point to places to the left, which gives you: .087
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