What Is 800 Silver?


The 800 stands for 800 grade silver or 800 parts of silver per 1000 parts. This standard of silver is used in France, Belgium and Germany .
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800 parts of silver per 1000, or 80% silver, 20% other metal. Sterling silver is 925/1000 or 92.5% silver. 800 silver is not sterling quality.888 silver is "coin silver"
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800 silver refers to an alloy made of 800 parts of silver and 200 parts of another metal element in a total of 1000 parts. This means that the item is made of 80% silver and 20% of other metallic elements and can be said to be 80% pure. This grading standard is mostly used in European countries.
800 silver is a hallmark stamp that indicates the quality of silver you have. Pure silver or sterling is 935. 800 would mean that is slightly less pure that 925 silver. You can find more info at: www.modernsilver.com
800 silver is 800 parts pure silver. Silver comes in various levels of fineness, and this is indicated by the number. 800 has been the standard in Germany since the 1800s. In the US, it is 925.
The number 800 silver tells of the purity of the silver within the piece of jewelry. This number represents 80 percent silver and 20 percent other metals.
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The number 800 marked on a piece of silver refers to the purity level of that piece of silver. As such, 800 is an indication that the piece of silver contains ...
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