What is 80 grams in milliliters?


80 grams are equivalent to 80 millilitre. This is because according to the metric table conversion, one gramme is equivalent to one ml of the same liquid, air or the solid when melted. This means that each ml is equal to a gramme in metric weight terms.
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Well 80g is equivalent to 0.18 pounds and there are 14 pounds in a stone so that would make 80g approximately 0.01 stones.
The abbreviation ml stands for milliliters. A milliliter is one one thousandth of a liter. Therefore, there are one thousand milliliters in one liter.
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a) 80g/400ml = 0.2g/ml x 100 = 20% w/v. b) Since there are 0.2g CuSO4/ml to get mass in 550 ml just multiply by 550. So, 0.2g/ml = xg/550ml; x = 0.2(550) = 110 gms.
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Conversion from grams to milliliters is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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According to refill for Samsung ML-80 ML 85/G for toner cartridges.
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