What Is 925?


925 is one of the 25 area codes in California. The area code was created in 1998 as the 19th area code after its split from area code 510. The area code covers Contra Costa County and part of Alameda County.
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I am not exactly sure if you mean 925 cz. But 925 cz. means that the piece is made up of 92.5% of sterling silver. When they say 925 cz they are indicating that the piece has cubic zirconia in it.
The number 925 that is stamped on sterling silver jewelry refers to the amount of silver the piece contains. The 925 means there is 92.5% of silver in the item. The other content is metal used to make the silver stronger.
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Pur silver cannot be used in making jewelry as it is extremely malleable and can suffer damage easily. Craftsmen increase the strength of the metal by adding other materials. One
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It is hallmarking it means the item is sterling silver!
Silver that is 925 silver is Sterling Silver. The sterling silver standard has a minimum
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The '925' in silver is basically the purity of the silver and means it is 92.5% pure and the silver itself is stamped with 925. the purest form of silver jewelry ...
The 925 stamp on many pieces of gold jewelry means that the piece is made of of 92.5 percent pure gold and usually, sterling silver is what compromises the rest ...
925 Milor refers to plated gold over sterling silver made by a jewellery company called Milor based in Milan, Italy. 925 indicates that the percentage of silver ...
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