What Does 925 Mean on Gold?


925 gold is 925/1,000 parts gold or 92.5 percent gold (22.2k). 100 percent gold designated as 24k. Many jewellers will imprint a three-digit hallmark into gold jewellery that indicates gold content in parts per thousand.
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Its not gold. 925 is Sterling Silver.
A hallmark is an official mark (or a series of marks) made in metal that indicates the fineness of
925 is an area code used in northern California, by Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay area. The 925 area code was originally part of the 415 area code.
Also known by the chemical abbreviation Au, gold is one of the softest pure metals. This makes it highly malleable, meaning it is able to be hammered or pressed out of shape without
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What Is the Number 925 for Gold?
The chemical symbol for gold comes from a Latin word meaning "shining dawn." It has become synonymous with avarice. Pure gold is for kings, but jewelers prefer to work with alloys of gold -- gold mixed with other metals.... More »
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925 gold means that the metal contains 92.5% gold and the other percentage is other metals.
Some countries do what is called a hallmark on gold. This means they mark the part per thousandths in weight of the gold. In this case the gold would be .925 per 1000 weight. This would be considered 24 carat gold.
925 gold is gold that usually has been plated with ninety-two point five percent silver or gold that has that much silver filled in the center with gold being plated over it.
925 gold is not indicated as a standard purity for gold. 925, however, is a standard purity for Sterling silver, and is the common hallmark for it. 18 kt. gold is often stamped with the numbers 750.
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The 925 stamp on many pieces of gold jewelry means that the piece is made of of 92.5 percent pure gold and usually, sterling silver is what compromises the rest ...
Gold jewellery stamped 925 indicates fineness of the gold, that is 925 parts of gold per 1000 weight. ...
925 on a gold bracelet means the gold bracelet is 92.5 percent pure. ...
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