What Is 950 Silver?


It has always been difficult to determine the purity of silver in an object by visual means and many countries have tried to establish a system of ensuring that certain standards are kept to protect customers who buy silver objects. In Britain our system developed about six hundred years ago, when laws were passed to fix the purity of silver in manufactured articles to be at least 925 parts of silver in every thousand parts.
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95% of the 9999 (four 9's) price. (950 silver means 95.0% silver) additionally minus a dealer discount (depends on the dealer) As 9999 silver there will be a deduction for the cost
Silver can be used in Silverware, coins, jewelry, dental fillings, electrical contact and silver paints. Silver is considered a precious metal and is harder than gold but softer than
A piece of silver jewelry marked by 950 is a
950 in roman numeral is CML.
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The 950 silver is an alloy of silver containing 95% pure silver and 5% of other metals. These alloys include cobalt, palladium and Ruthenia. The alloy is added to the silver so as to increase the strength of the silver at the same time maintaining its softness and workability.
950 Silver is silver of 95% purity and is very rare because it is considered a nonstandard alloy. Because it falls considerably below 99.9% fineness, it is not fine silver. It means it is sterling silver, but more pure than most sterling silver. 950 silver is softer than most sterling silver, and it tarnishes more easily. Because of this, it more than likely will not be used in most industrial applications. Most 950 silver is used for jewerly.
Nine fifty silver is silver that is 95% pure. It is considered sterling silver, but is softer than 92.5% silver, which is the most common sterling silver used for jewelry. Nine fifty silver is also used for jewelry, but it is uncommon. Most 950 silver jewelry comes from Mexico.
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