What is special about a ninth wedding anniversary?


A 9th wedding anniversary means that two people have been married for nine years. Generally, most people choose to have a celebration which may be very intimate or involving of family and friends. An anniversary is annual, on the day when you were married. Gifts are also exchanged among couples, while others choose to travel.
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The traditional gift for a 9 year wedding anniversary is pottery or willow. For 10 year wedding anniversary, tradional present is tin or aluminium.
The Willow tree or willow branch is the traditional 9th anniversary gift as a
For the first anniversary, couples give each other paper. Examples of this can include a book, a recipe written down, or tickets to a concert or holiday destination. Cotton is the
Tin, or sometimes aluminium in the US.
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Pottery (US) and copper (UK) are the tratditional gifts for the 9th wedding anniversary.
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