How Much Is My 1883 Silver Dollar Worth?


An 1883 silver dollar is worth around £6.35614, which is approximately $10.25. The Morgan silver dollar is among the most popular of all collector coins. It was first minted in 1878 following the passage of Bland-Alison Act then it was named after its designer, George T. Morgan.
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This is a common date/mint mark Morgan dollar with retail values for circulated coins are $17.00-26.00, Mint state values are $34.00-46.00 from MS-60 to MS-63.
A 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar graded and encapsulated as MS-63 by NGC goes for $29.99. Other silver dollars can go for up to $129.99.
1964 Kennedy half dollars were minted at both Philadelphia and Denver mints. There were 273 million half dollars minted in Philadelphia and 156 million minted in Denver. The 1964
Trade Dollars were minted by the US Treasury from 1873 through 1885. The only silver dollar minted by the US Treasury in 1900 was the Morgan Dollar.
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