What Is a 1888 Silver Dollar Worth?


The retail value of your 1888 silver is £9.92- £16.13 depending on the condition. Assuming the coin is in circulation and has no mintmarks, the value will depend on how much wear the coin shows. For an accurate valuation, the coin needs to be seen and graded.
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Assuming the coin is circulated, the 1888 Morgan dollar is common. The retail values are $17.00-26.00 depending on condition. Values are a market average and only for coins in collectible
OK-the difference between a circulated and an uncirculated coin is that an uncirculated coin has no sign of wear. Even the slightest hint of wear, and the coin is circulated. The
Considered a common date, it's worth $10 to $12 in circulated
The Morgan silver dollar was created by politics. Many in Congress lobbied to have the mint produce silver dollars after the unpopular Seated Liberty dollar ceased in 1873. Another
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A single 1888 silver dollar is valued at £139.57 ($225). There is also the 1888-O silver dollar and the 1888-S silver dollar, which are worth £353.58 ($570) and £1922.958 ($3,100) respectively. The Morgan silver dollars were designed by George T. Morgan, and are coins that are widely collected.
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