How much is the 1896 silver dollar worth?


An 1896 silver dollar is worth £10.83 in circulated value and £929.09 in uncirculated value per ounce. The 1896 silver dollar contained ninety percent pure content of silver and a total of 9,976,000 of the coin were produced.
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WOW! i found out that its worth $4499.00.
A 1896 silver dollar in good condition can be worth $11 to $15. in extremely fine condition maybe $25.
R. Hartman: 1896 is a common date for Morgan Dollars in lower grades. Look on the back of the coin to see if there's a small mint mark letter above the "DO" in "DOLLAR
The Morgan silver dollar features a profile image of Lady Liberty looking to the right on the obverse side. She has long hair and wears a cap. The reverse side shows the image of
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