How much is a 1905 Indian Head penny worth?


The value of a 1905 Indian penny is worth approximately £ 0.62. The coin value is based upon the coin's condition and its circulation. The coins that are readily available cost lesser than scarce coins.
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It would retail for around $1 if well-worn, up to maybe $6 or $7 if almost uncirculated. In circulated condition, it's worth about a dollar - however if damaged, corroded, cleaned
In a 2004 red book a G 4 is worth $1.50 and a Proof 63 is worth $150.00 so therefore it could be worth more or less depending on the condition of the coin. And of course what someone
The value of an Indian penny ranges from 1 cent to $440 depending on the year they were
If a genuine zinc plated steel cent, thousands of dollars. More likely a silver plated novelty item worth a few cents. Check with a magnet, if it does not stick, it's a fake.
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