Value 1921 Silver Dollar?


A 1921 silver dollar is worth between £11 and £22 for one graded as 'Extremely Fine' and about £28 for an 'Uncirculated' one. Generally, the value of antique dollars is determined by the mint it originated from and the condition it is in.
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There were two varieties issued that year. The most common one used the previous Morgan design until the new Peace design became available. Assuming you have a Morgan dollar, regardless
For a Morgan dollar to be in very fine condition, most of Lady Liberty's hair lines must still be visible and her ear must be defined, yet the feathers on the eagle's breast are well
A 1921-P Morgan Silver Dollar is worth about $35.95. Value depends on
William, If you have a 1921 walking liberty silver dollar, then u have a counterfeit or fantasy coin -- no such coin was ever made by the U.S. Mint. If however you have a 1921 walking
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The value of a 1921 silver dollar coin varies depending on it's condition. Some 1921 silver dollars go for a much as $130.00. ...
The answer to your question of what is the value of a 1921 Morgan Silver dollar minted in San Francisco is it is worth between seventy and eighty dollars. ...
The 1929 Silver Dollar falls in to a category of coins called the Peace Silver Dollar. They were made between 1921 and 1935. The 1929 Peace Silver Dollar is not ...
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