How much is a 1922 silver dollar worth today?


A 1922 Silver Dollar that is in good condition is valued at $820 or £508.7, and one that is in poor condition is valued at $22 or £13.7. These values are mostly estimates. 1922 was the second year that the 1922 Peace silver dollar became minted.
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A 1922 Peace dollar is so very common that retail values for circulated coins are $14.00-19.00 and a excellent uncirculated coin is only $25.00.
If the hair over the eye of Liberty and the feathers of the eagle are well worn, then the dollar is in very fine, or VF-20, condition. The coin would be valued at $10 to $15. To be
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In average condition, it's worth $8 to $10. . More: This is a complex coin with a few varieties. First of all, 1879 was a year that the Morgan Dollar was produced. It was minted
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