How much is a 1922 silver dollar worth today?


A 1922 Silver Dollar that is in good condition is valued at $820 or £508.7, and one that is in poor condition is valued at $22 or £13.7. These values are mostly estimates. 1922 was the second year that the 1922 Peace silver dollar became minted.
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1922 is the most common date there is for Peace Dollars. Value is $13 to $15 depending on how nice it is. *Update for June 2012: At present, it's worth about $22.
Peace (1921-1935) Silver Dollars are common.Currently,Peace dollars retail for
A Peace dollar is in Very Fine condition if Lady Liberty's hair is well worn above the eye but well defined over the ear. The eagle on the coin's back will have some feathers visible
Not financial advice: The 1922 U.S. silver dollar, depending on its condition (Very Fine to Choice Uncirculated), price ranges from $17 to $75.
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