How Much Is a 1934 Five Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1934 $5 note is worth between £12 and £31. The value of this antique note will mostly depend on the quality or state it is in. The highest value is paid for the notes graded as 'Uncirculated.'
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More details are needed. Please post a new question with the bill's seal color (blue or green) and what letter, if any, appears next to the date. There may not be one; if there is
Look it up in ebay. I had a 1929 penny - it was worth a penny. /.
It depends on a few things.First is it a star note.Second what is serial
Before 1928, U.S. currency, including $2 notes, was larger than it is today (7.42 by 3.12 inches) These $2 notes came in a large variety between 1862 and 1928: United States Notes
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