How Much Is a 1934 Five Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1934 $5 note is worth between £12 and £31. The value of this antique note will mostly depend on the quality or state it is in. The highest value is paid for the notes graded as 'Uncirculated.'
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More details are needed. Please post a new question with the bill's seal color (blue or green) and what letter, if any, appears next to the date. There may not be one; if there is
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A 1934D Silver Certificate is worth $6-8 if it was circulated
Hi Jim, Generally notes from 1934 aren't worth anything unless they have a blue or yellow seal color. or they have a start next to the serial number. If your note is a Federal Reserve
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A 1934 twenty dollar bill is worth 14 pounds if it is in extremely fine condition and it is worth 37 pounds when it is uncirculated. If it is in neither of these ...
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