What is a 1936 Indian Head nickel worth?


The Indian buffalo nickels are also called Indian head nickels. Those that have a readable date are usually worth at least seven times their face value, which is £0.21. The coins will fetch for less than this amount if they are badly damaged or almost totally worn out.
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For Buffalo nickels, the 1936 Philadelphia issue (no mintmark) is the highest mintage most common of all. Most coins show heavy to medium wear and are valued at $1.00-3.00 retail.
7 cents.
Answer In uncirculated condition, with very few contact marks, it's worth about $25.00
All Indian Head cents minted from mid-1864 to the end of the series in 1909 were struck in bronze, not copper-nickel. Copper-nickel was only used for Indian Head cents minted from
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