How much is a 1940 penny worth?


The 1940 penny is worth about £46 in today's rates. This value is however an approximation since there are a myriad of factors that typically determine the specific penny's worth. It is estimated that only 312, 000 of these coins were minted.
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If it's not a Wheat penny, it's not a US coin. A lot more information is needed, post new question.'s_n...
In circulated condition, it's worth about 3 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth
You didn't specify what country it's from. If you mean an 1826 U.S. half CENT, it's worth between $55 and $100 depending on how worn it is. If you have a British half PENNY, it's
It depends on the condition, it goes for around $20 in lower grades and up to a dollar or more for pennies that are almost or uncirculated.
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