How much is a 1940 penny worth?


The 1940 penny is worth about £46 in today's rates. This value is however an approximation since there are a myriad of factors that typically determine the specific penny's worth. It is estimated that only 312, 000 of these coins were minted.
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There has never been an A mint mark on US coins. Please check again, or see the related question for information about 1940 cents.
1940 wheat pennies are worth 4 cents each.
Wheat pennies were produced from 1909 through 1958 and are made of copper, zinc and tin. They have ears of wheat on one side with President Abraham Lincoln's face on the other. Since
Unfortunately, unless it's unique or made of silver- not much. This site has an interesting price guide though! They list it as three times as much the original value. So- 3 cents
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