What is a 1942 S Penny Worth?


A 1942 penny is worth at least £1.53. Coins from the 1940's are very much in demand and their value is determined by the mint that manufactured or made the coin. It is also determined by the price of the silver contained in the coin.
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Penny 1942 australia.
Depending on whether it is circulated or uncirculated and the condition, the penny
The 1944 penny is worth ten cents; 1942 penny is worth
With a mintage of over 330 million, it's pretty common. If it's circulated, it's generally worth less than a dime. If it's uncirculated, it's worth a quarter, and if it's a proof,
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The value of the 1942 S coin is approximately £ 0.0186 in the UK and $ 0.03 in the US. The value of these ancient coins is based on the coin's condition. This means that those that are very worn out have a lesser value than those that slightly worn out.
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