How much is a 1944 quarter worth?


The 1944 quarter is worth £3.83 if it is in good condition. The value of quarters in an extremely good condition is approximately £4.08 while those uncirculated go for £5.45. Coins bearing the 'D' or 'S' mark have a higher value of up to £8.88 depending on the condition of the coin.
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No circulation U.S. coins were struck in pure silver as it is too soft. All were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. 1944 quarters are not rare. Most retail for about $3 due to their
There is a big difference between the value of a coin and the price of a coin.
$3.60 is the minimum 1944 quarter value. It is the underlining price of silver moving your coin to this level. Uncirculated value ranges from $5.96-$14.79.
Depends on the dime's condition. In worn condition it's worth 8x its face. Average condition is around a dollar. Near mint is 2-3 dollars. 1944 dimes are 90% silver, but it's a common
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