How much is a 1944 quarter worth?


The 1944 quarter is worth £3.83 if it is in good condition. The value of quarters in an extremely good condition is approximately £4.08 while those uncirculated go for £5.45. Coins bearing the 'D' or 'S' mark have a higher value of up to £8.88 depending on the condition of the coin.
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Current retail is about $3 in Fine condition or lower, mostly for its metal content. Very Fine is about $4, and Extremely Fine is around $8.
All of them are worth about $5.00 just for the silver but the collectible value may be more depending on the dates and mintmarks.
what is a 1770 quarter worth?
If it's bronze, 10-20$ Just a regular silver coin, maybe 3$ if your lucky.
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