Value 1946 Wheat Penny?


A 1946 wheat penny is currently worth around 0.10 pennies for a VF (Very Fine) grade and 0.20 pennies for an XF (Extremely Fine) grade. The values depend very strongly on the grade of the coins regardless of their type.
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This is a very common date wheat cent, value is 2 to 3 cents.
If the 1946 wheat penny is in excellent condition, it is worth $0.20; otherwise, about $0.10.
A 1946 penny is worth about 3 cents. All wheat pennies are worth at least triple their face value unless they are badly damaged or almost totally worn out. report this answer. Updated
about 3 cents. im being serious. and it's spelled "wondering"
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A 1946 Penny is valued at $135 or £82.8, though it is important to note that the condition of a coin matters very much in determining its value since pennies ...
1943 wheat pennies have different values. The lowest is worth around £0.07, the next one in class D is worth £0.08 and the last one in class S is worth ...
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