How Much Is a 1957 One Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1957 dollar bill may be worth its face value or more depending on its grading. When grading a note, hold it at 7 inches under a strong light source to determine whether it falls under either of the following conditions: Crisp uncirculated, almost uncirculated, extremely fine, very fine, fine, very good, good, fair and poor.
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How much is a 1957 twenty dollar worth.
Your note has a retail value in the $2-3 range.
Not Financial Advice: Most silver certificates including 1935 and 1957 series are only worth about 25 cents to 50 cents over face value unless in -more? report this answer. Updated
It depends on too many things to give a blanket answer like "one dollar" The first thing is the condition. A bill with no evidence of folds or any use would probably bring
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A1957 Series B one dollar bill is worth approximately £1.23. However, factors such as market forces of demand and supply, greatly affect the value of currency ...
The value of a 1957 dollar bill will vary depending on the condition of the bill. However, normally, as of December 2012, a 1957 dollar bill will be worth between ...
A 1957 silver certificate dollar is worth up to $2.50 if it is uncirculated, i.e. it has no crisps and folds. The dollar may be worth much more than its face value ...
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