What Is a 1957 Series B One Dollar Bill Worth?


A1957 Series B one dollar bill is worth approximately £1.23. However, factors such as market forces of demand and supply, greatly affect the value of currency. When handling numismatic items such as stamps, coins and currencies, there are some key dates that are worth a lot of money.
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Answer $1.10 to $1.50 if circulated, $3 if crisp and unfolded. Despite its age these bills are quite common among collectors. Most of them are only worth about 25¢ above face
Your 1935 and 1957 dollar bills I believe are silver certificate dollars. Those are worth a few bucks, especially if they are in any decent condition. I would contact a rare coin
I have a 1935 with c39051932j and 2 1957 with star 40085369b and u77935755a what are the
an uncirculated note has no folds.Folds are hard to see sometimes you have to hold the note an angle in front of a good light source to see it there are any.If it is uncirculated
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