How much is a 1964 nickel worth?


The value of a 1964 nickel coin is five times the face value of the coin and this is usually so, if the coin is still uncirculated. The value reduces depending on the condition of the coin; for instance if it is worn out.
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Several billion 1964 nickels were made. This is a very common date with no added value in
Average retail value is less than 50 cents for a typical proof 1964 Jefferson nickel.
1964 is an extremely common date. The Philadelphia and Denver mints each produced well over 1 Billion 1964 dated nickels. Unless it is in pristine as-struck condition, it is worth
No definite info but nickels made of in 1964 are from silver. The US government stop making silver coins due to hoarding. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at
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