How much is a two-dollar bill worth?


The value of a 2 dollar bill varies depending on the condition of the note. Uncirculated notes fetch the highest values followed by notes in EF (extremely fine) conditions, Very Fine notes (those with very few folds), fine condition and very good condition in that order. If the note does not fall in any of these categories, then it is worth the face value only.
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Answer Face value if circulated. Uncirculated, around $3.
$1250 if worn, up to maybe $1600 if in nearly new condition. Uncirculated ones retail for about $2000.
You need to know whether it has a series letter. That's a small letter next to the date, or it may not have one. Then check the link below for values based on the bill's date and
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The current issue of the $2 bill, printed since 1976, is still in circulation and has the same $2 value as its face. However, if uncirculated, its retail value could be as high as double the face value or $4.
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