How Much Is a 2 Dollar Bill's Worth?


The value of a 2 dollar bill varies depending on the condition of the note. Uncirculated notes fetch the highest values followed by notes in EF (extremely fine) conditions, Very Fine notes (those with very few folds), fine condition and very good condition in that order. If the note does not fall in any of these conditions, then it is worth the face value only.
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Older issue $2 bills, carrying red seals and dating back to the 1920's can have values ranging from face value to $25 for circulated bills. Uncirculated $2 bills from the same time period can range for $25 to roughly $700 for a rare few bills. Current issue, green seal bills, from 1976 to the present, range from a $2 face value to a top range of double for an uncirculated bill.
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The worth of a 1976 $2 dollar bill is just that: $2.00. If it is uncirculated, one may be able to get as much at $3 dollars for it. As with all currency, worth is a matrix of condition
two dollars. Circulated current-issue $2 bills (dates 1976 and later, with green seals) are worth $2. If they are in crisp uncirculated condition, the retail value could be double
Before 1928, U.S. currency, including $2 notes, was larger than it is today (7.42 by 3.12 inches) These $2 notes came in a large variety between 1862 and 1928: United States Notes
The United States did not issue $2 bills in 1954. If you have a $2 bill
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The value of a 2 dollar bill that is dated 1953 will depend on whether it is a circulated or uncirculated version. A 2 dollar bill that is in circulated version ...
A two dollar bill is worth nothing more than two dollars. However, just because it's not worth much now doesn't mean it won't be worth anything in the future. ...
The 1976 two dollar bill is currently valued at $238.99 or £148.259.This bill was first printed in 1862 and it had the image of Alexander Hamilton. It was ...
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