What is a .308 rifle?


The 308 rifle ammunition is one of the most successful and efficient hunting cartridges for medium to large-sized game. 308 rifles and ammunition is normally designed to provide the user with improved performance and accuracy.
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Any question like this will be subjective. The US military uses the .223 Remington as it's standard caliber, but most police forces use the .308 Winchester for their SWAT team snipers
It depends on the quality of the rifle you want .270's range from $350-4000 and
No shooter is to be considered as the rifle will be fired from a ransom rest or similar device. no wind is to be considered as it will take place in an indoor facility . No ...show
Cooper laid out a particularly rigid definition for what he envisioned in a scout rifle. Primarily, the rifle should be easy to use, meaning it is neither too long nor too heavy to
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