What Is a 3D Rectangle Called?


A 3 dimensional rectangle is called a cuboid or a rectangular parallel piped rectangle. In this type of rectangle, all its inside angle are right angles; hence, each measures 90 degrees. Also this shape has six faces and twelve vertices.
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A 3D rectangle is a rectangular prism.
I don't think it's a troanglo. I believe it's called a tetrodahn.
I'm not certain, but i believe it would be a. nonadecanonahedrin. nonadaca- is 19. decanona- is 90. hedrin- is a 3d figure.
My ex-girlfriend. Just kidding. a pyramid will fit in this category. but I think the technical term is a prism more specifically a Tetrahedron.
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A 3D Rectangle is a figure which has three dimensions, namely; width, length and height. An example of this figure is a cuboid and this is a solid figure that is made of six rectangular sides.
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